Bart Gogh

You're a journalist who writes a serious article about a Van Gogh vanished in Cairo, apparently stolen by two Italians.
Sure you'd like to complete the article with a picture of a painting by the famous artist.

Then google-image "Van Gogh Paintings", and choose one of the first results, the prettiest, maybe this:

No? You wouldn't go exactly for THAT one?
Well, yesterday "The Guardian" had a different opinion ...


Comoros lesser fruit bat

Chole Island (Mafia)


Panning (or: How I learned to stop considering IS in II mode useless)

Flying sequence (just to show off the 6.5 fps of the HS continuous drive mode...)


Swahili coast



Dar es Salaam

Nyamisati (boat to Mafia Island)

Mafia Island - on the beach

Mafia Island - the lodge

Mafia Island - in the toilet of the lodge (again)

Kilwa Masoko - on the ground!

Kilwa Kisiwani

Read about Kilwa Kisiwani on the Unesco website

Zanzibari mchana

Swimming with the dolphins

Playing with the Zanzibar red colobus

Zanzibari usiku